Hi, I'm Henna! I started Dear Farmer to bring the most potent and flavourful Ayurvedic botanicals to the wider market, in a way that empowers the people who grew them. A lot goes to my first-gen migrant parents who collectively taught me everything I know about Āyurveda today. Growing up, I watched my mum mix spices like ajwain and cumin seeds to help digestion or apply turmeric, yoghurt and honey for glowing skin. It was these little potions that initially sparked my interest in Āyurveda and wellness.

This coupled with my interest in the environment, I studied Geography at university and did my dissertation in the economy of Indian mangoes! I had hopes of landing a job in development or similar, but ended up working in finance which wasn't for me and subsequently ended up losing my job. I then started selling branded health products, where I learnt about the ridiculous profit margins of some multi-national health companies which were being unfairly distributed to hardworking and often rural farmers in India.

So in 2019, I set out to find medicinal quality herbs, better than anything out there. I did this through lab tests, testing and tasting piles of samples, and continuously researching scientific articles to find varieties with the highest bioactive compounds. Finally I met a small inspirational team from Guwahati, Assam and after 100s of phone calls, logistic and covid delays, we launched our first product, Lakadong Turmeric! :)

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A thank you.
The name ‘Dear Farmer’ is a way of saying thank you to our lovely farmers who keep our stomachs filled, protect our environment and keep the world going. I also want to say a big thank you to you all for supporting us. Every purchase goes towards improving the lives of farmers, and as we grow so will the level of the change! *giving you digital hugs* 


Dear Farmer was founded to support small-scale farmers facing poverty by giving back, so they can also benefit from the popularisation of their wellness products and practices.

On average, Indian farmers earn just £17 a month, leading to debts they can no longer bear. They're trapped in a cycle of issues including gender inequality, lack of technology and privatisation, all exacerbated by climate change. It’s an unfair and unsustainable supply chain.

These farmers may not have the means as large corporations, but they hold powerful wisdom and knowledge passed down from generations. To support them for a better future, we invest a part of every purchase into sustainable farming technologies to help increase their income!

Read more about their wages here

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Agroecology is a holistic way of farming that takes into account nature and human connections. Our farmers trust nature in helping itself, rather than fighting against it, all affecting the taste and quality of the produce.

We believe food is medicine. Each spice, herb and botanical has a unique combination of bioactive compounds, like curcumin for turmeric and gingerol for ginger. When sourcing, it's these compounds and other parameters we diligently look out for and test to ensure they're of medicinal quality and can serve your wellness needs in the best possible way.

• zero pesticides and letting nature take control

• regenerating soils, protecting biodiversity

• building resilience to climate change

• supporting rural women farmers